İstanbul, the only city in the world in two continents, is the largest city in Turkey. It has a long history with significant Christian influence. The majority of the churches in the country are here. There is a need for unity though.

Amazing island outreach

Photo from İstanbul
Preaching to crowds climbing the hill

On 23 April, more than 70,000 Turks travelled to the ‘Big Island’ in Istanbul and climbed up to an ancient Greek monastery to receive a blessing. This year nearly 300 believers from more than 12 churches across the country came together to distribute Bibles, do creative evangelism, preach publically and offer prayer. The requests for prayer were predictably the same: Good luck, marriage, richness, and health. Sometimes it was a mother who brought a child for prayer, either for blessings, good grades, or for a health problem. People were amazed and deeply touched by our prayers, sometimes to the point of tears – they had just never heard prayers like this before. One of the pastors told us 10 people said to him “We've been looking for you all day. Last year you prayed for us and everything you prayed came true." Four said they wanted become believers and attend his church.” In addition, more than 8000 New Testaments were distributed together with thousands of tracts and other booklets. Video link of the event (youtube unlisted for security reasons):

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