İstanbul, the only city in the world in two continents, is the largest city in Turkey. It has a long history with significant Christian influence. The majority of the churches in the country are here. There is a need for unity though.

A stiff-necked people

Photo from İstanbul

A team came from tropical Hawaii to reach the 18 million of bustling Istanbul! Before they came, they prepared a theatrical dance that told the story of creation. They were able to perform this in various parks, giving flyers afterwards to people. At one park, they asked the security guard for permission so he showed them the best place for them to perform. He himself was a singer with his own YouTube channel! They spent time talking to him after the performance and he was very interested in the flyer they gave him. Several days they went out in pairs to engage with people to pray for them and offer them Christian literature. Two team girls became friendly with two Turkish girls who invited them over to their house for dinner. As they were getting ready to leave they offered prayer for the family and they prayed for them, also giving them a tract as they left. However, many of the other pairs experienced both rejection of their literature as well as their offers of prayer! This was unusual and not experienced by teams in the other provinces. Please pray for Istanbul!