İstanbul, the only city in the world in two continents, is the largest city in Turkey. It has a long history with significant Christian influence. The majority of the churches in the country are here. There is a need for unity though.

Bold proclamation

Photo from İstanbul

Every Wednesday, a team from the Bible Correspondence Course openly proclaim the gospel on the streets of İstanbul using preaching a sketch board story. David had started preaching to a crowd of about 40 people when the market police showed up and told him to stop. That rarely happens but because of the political turmoil these days they were afraid something bad might happen. The crowd was told that he couldn't finish but as David began walking away, a university student in the crowd walked up to him and said, "Are you a missionary?" Without a pause he continued, "I've been wanting to become a Christian and would like to get baptized. Is there a church you could recommend to me?" As David was passing on some church information, a friend of the student's came up and asked what they were doing. He told her that he was getting info about a church. "I want some too!" she exclaimed. This isn't a common occurrence but it is so encouraging to know how God is working in peoples' hearts.

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