Isparta is home to the Biblical Psidian Antioch. Paul has preached here. It also boasts 90% of the rose gardens of Turkey. No local fellowship has bloomed though there are Iranian believers who meet regularly. Come water the dormant seeds.

In the footsteps of Paul

Photo from Isparta
Isparta - Psidia

The team from Yalvaç writes: "Today, after a long journey on strange roads in a rental car, by God's grace we arrived to Yalvaç - which is the biblical Pisidian Antioch. At the ancient site, we read the sermon Paul gave there from Acts 13, worshipped and prayed. After this, we had amazing opportunities to share!! It was market day and friendly, hospitable people were everywhere. In just a few hours we gave tracts to 28 people we met and were able to share briefly with a few. We also gave away 6 New Testaments. This included a stop in the scenic town Eğidir on the lake. All of us hope we are able to return to Yalvaç! Especially given its history, we sensed that God could really move in such a place.

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