Isparta is home to the Biblical Psidian Antioch. Paul has preached here. It also boasts 90% of the rose gardens of Turkey. No local fellowship has bloomed though there are Iranian believers who meet regularly. Come water the dormant seeds.

One wheel, one message

A group of young people traveled down from Istanbul to Isparta. Two unicyclists were in the group and had prepared a tract that was called "One Wheel, One Message." They had fun walking around the town, unicycling and giving out tracts to people. After their second altercation with the police and being warned to stop distributing, they went to bookstores and put tracts in the books and in the clothes at the clothing store! Some of the girls had a nice time sharing with a new mother who was sharing the difficulties of motherhood and how often she cried. They were able to give her a Magdalena DVD. The group also ate at a family restaurant where they were able to share with the family there and also give the women Magdalena DVDs. They also prayed with them.