Iğdır is one of the newer provinces with its capital nestled at the foot of Mt. Ararat. It was occupied by the Russians in World War I until regained by Turkey in 1920. There are no known believers and no church. Can you accept that?

Open hearts in the east

Photo from Iğdır

Four eager evangelists came from three different cities to share the love of God in Iğdır. On the plane, the two girls struck up a conversation with the girl next to them which ended with the girl excitedly accepting a New Testament. (Not surprisingly she had never seen one before.) Pray for her as she reads it. The team was warmly accepted. In the evenings they had conversation after conversation with men, women, and families and gave out many tracts and DVDs. Later they made friends with a group of four Kurdish youth who took them along to a park where they ate sunflower seeds, shot airsoft rifles, drank tea, and shared salvation in Christ. After hearing John 14:6,"I am the way, the truth, and the life," one of the guys explained to his friends, "He doesn't say He found the way. He IS the way. I think He's (Jesus) is saying He is equal to God." Pray they and everyone else the teamwill hunger and thirst after Jesus' righteousness.

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