Iğdır is one of the newer provinces with its capital nestled at the foot of Mt. Ararat. It was occupied by the Russians in World War I until regained by Turkey in 1920. There are no known believers and no church. Can you accept that?

Bringing reconciliation

Photo from Iğdır

Some Armenian believers came to Iğdır with the hope of bringing reconciliation through Jesus. They walked through the city, asking people for a place to stay. One lady offered that they could stay in her neighbour's house and so they agreed. They stayed for a full week, sharing with several people in the town. Some people even still spoke Armenian and several of them wept when they were told that they had come to share Jesus' love with them and to bring reconciliation. One lady in particular was very touched and they were able to share many stories from the New Testament with her. Pray that the people of Iğdır would indeed find reconciliation with God through the blood of Jesus!