Hatay's capital, Antakya, is where believers were first called Christians. Minority background people in this province have their own churches. Nominal ones need revival and there is still much work to do amongst the majority.

Reaching Hatay

Photo from Hatay
NLM Show

“No Longer Music” reports on an outreach concert in Iskenderun: Our venue for the concert was outside a huge western looking shopping mall. A large crowd of people gathered as the concert was about to start, but we were delayed when the "call to prayer" started. When it finished, people cheered - which was very interesting! The crowd was glued to the show. Nobody left during the clear drama about Jesus. Afterwards, the response table was rushed as over 100 people filled out the response cards – including older men. As always we spent a long time talking with people after the concert. It was very encouraging. God continues to do amazing things here!