Hatay's capital, Antakya, is where believers were first called Christians. Minority background people in this province have their own churches. Nominal ones need revival and there is still much work to do amongst the majority.

Big and small crowds

Photo from Hatay

A creative arts team that included two world class performers - an illusionist and a unicyclist - were able to do two outreaches in Antakya. One took place in a large and busy mall with many of hundreds of people watching and hearing the good news for the first time. But something was even more special about the park they performed in the next day. A crowd of about two hundred or so gathered, completely encircling them and looking like they were loving every minute of magic and unicycling. It was a fun show and people listened intently to the Gospel. Many in the crowd were Syrian refugees and the team were thrilled to hand them "More Than Dreams" DVD's with Arabic subtitles, in exchange for completed surveys. Gül, an intrepid evangelist, had many conversations with people in the crowd before and after the show. A Turkish man came up to discuss the team's misunderstanding, telling them kindly that Jesus didn't die but was taken to heaven. After a deep discussion, the man really wanted a Bible. He was beaming after they gave him one and was proudly displaying it for all to see.