Hakkari borders both Iran and Iraq. Its altitude and terrain has made education difficult, producing low literacy and a low standard of living. Terrorism has been a problem.There are hardly any believers. But is anything impossible for God?

Miracle on the mountain

Photo from Hakkari

We went down into a valley to another cabin and as we approached it, we realized that the shepherd we saw was a soldier. We prayerfully entered into his house and he shared that his name was Isa (the Turkish name for Jesus!). We began to tell him the reason we came to his home was to tell him about another Isa, who died for freedom, so this soldier didn’t have to despair for freedom but it is freely given to him through Isa. This soldier and his mother received Jesus on the spot, and the mother was healed from a back problem! The last morning we tearfully separated from our Hakkari family and they gave us gifts. We left some of our clothes (all we had) with them as a gift. As we travelled back over the mountains, we were full of joy knowing that hopeless people found Hope in Jesus, poor families were fed the Only Bread that satisfies, and those longing for freedom found the spiritual answer to their longing.

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