Gümüşhane means 'place of silver' because of its former rich silver deposits. The capital is an attractive town with many waterfalls and natural springs. Several students once came to faith but returned to their homes. Come and sow.

Tea and truth 3

Photo from Gümüşhane

A mother and daughter lean on their balcony railing commenting on how they know everyone in the small town. Suddenly two tall, foreign girls turn the corner, notice them, wave, and start walking towards them. Confused and curious, the ladies watch as the girls approach. "Excuse me" says Ruth politely, "what kind of vine is that growing on your house?" "Uh, a grape vine" the mother answers. "Where are you from?" After chatting between the ground and the third floor apartment, the mother says, "Oh, just come on up for tea." Of course she doesn't only give tea, but spreads the table with a fabulous meal. As the foreigners chat with the Turkish family, conversation turns toward spiritual things. Mel and Ruth explain their hope of eternal life through Jesus' sacrifice. This news is so new to this family, the girls explain it again and share how God personally is working in their lives and prayed for the family. The family is surprised to find these girls are people of faith. Both the girls and the family marvel at how God arranged the meeting. As a thank you, the girls left the family a DVD.

  • Tea and truth

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    Two Turkish men sat with an imam drinking tea. They watched a foreigner order tea and make his way to a bench not far away. Curious, they called... more

  • Tea and truth 2

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    The girls had a great afternoon walking down a quaint street and striking up a conversation with some ladies who showed wonderful hospitality. They... more

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