Gümüşhane means 'place of silver' because of its former rich silver deposits. The capital is an attractive town with many waterfalls and natural springs. Several students once came to faith but returned to their homes. Come and sow.

From one person to another

The guys met up with a BCC contact and his girlfriend one evening for about 5 hours. one of the guys was able to share his whole testimony with him and the guy was really touched and had more questions. They gave him a bible and spend more time just loving him and encouraging him to continue to seek out the truth. We met up also with a university student for an evening and were able to share with her the gospel simply and go bowling with her and her friends. She was super hospitable and we met up with her again the last morning to pray for her and give her a bible as well. Everday we soaked the city in worship and prayer and prayer walked the different streets and neighbourhoods. There are lots and lots of students at the university and many of them speak english and were curious why we had come. God definitely prepared the way for us and we hope to go back sometime in the new year as a team. to meet up with some of these people again. May God water the seeds that were sown

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