Gümüşhane means 'place of silver' because of its former rich silver deposits. The capital is an attractive town with many waterfalls and natural springs. Several students once came to faith but returned to their homes. Come and sow.

Divine appointment in Gümüşhane

Photo from Gümüşhane

A team travelled to Gümüşhane, singing praises and praying for the lost to come to Christ. From the 11th to 19th century there were more than 300 churches, monasteries and Bible schools but nothing remains. The team's car broke down in the mountains but while they were waiting for the new car to come, they met Bilal, a university student in Gümüşhane. Born in Malatya to a Kurdish family, he emigrated to Germany with his family when he was 10 years old. When he was 17 years old someone explained to him about Jesus and he asked Jesus to come into his life. Two years later he came to study in Turkey and felt lonely. He contacted the Bible Correspondence Course through the website. He felt lonely but when we phoned him and met him it changed his life. While we were sitting in a cafe and sharing with him about Jesus he said with tears “If Jesus is true I will dedicate my life to him until death”. They prayed for Bilal that he will grow in faith to know Jesus more and more. This amazing encounter just because a car broke down!