Giresun is an attractive and fruitful province which produces the bulk of Turkey's hazelnuts. There has not been equal spiritual fruitfulness as any known believers have moved elsewhere. Surely God is worthy of worshippers here.

Good news to girls

Photo from Giresun

A group of bold Korean believers visited Giresun. The met a group of female students, talked with them and gave them Christian books, evangelistic brochures and bracelets that told them they were very special. They had a joyful time. One of the girl's headscarf was falling down and she was ashamed, saying that women's hair is sin and should not be shown in a public place The girls accepted without doubt that God gives favour to men compared with women. The team shared Jesus' equal love and value for both men and women. The team challenged the girls that whoever calls on Jesus's name will be saved and can go to heaven because of his grace alone. Pray that the gospel will be revealed by a dream or vision to these precious girls!