Gaziantep is the most prosperous city in the east. It exports its cuisine and its politicians all over Turkey! Interest in the BCC has been good. There are two small fellowships that need unity. Come, be a blessing.

Concert in the park

A creative arts team of an illusionist, a music group and a Tae Kwondo team planned to do a series of outreaches in Gaziantep. Then a mining disaster killed over 300 people a few days before the scheduled start of the tour, meaning all entertainment was cancelled in the entire country for a few days. Then, a freak hail storm and torrential rains cancelled more of the events. Sickness also hit several members of the team to the degree that the Tae Kwondo part of our show was unable to be performed for two shows. But in spite of this, the musicians set up in a park in Gaziantep where they sang, interacted with the crowd and shared Jesus. Many surveys were collected! It was exciting to have members of the local church present to also share and follow up contacts. In fact, most of the locations on the tour were sponsored by local believers - a wonderful breakthrough! Please pray for fruit.