Gaziantep is the most prosperous city in the east. It exports its cuisine and its politicians all over Turkey! Interest in the BCC has been good. There are two small fellowships that need unity. Come, be a blessing.

The fruitful parks of Gaziantep

Photo from Gaziantep

"When we entered the city the rain was so heavy that the streets flooded. Eventually the time came to start the outreach... the sun started to shine brightly! My non-Turkish-speaking Chinese colleague and I went into a park in a moderhn part of this big city. We approached 2 men in their 50s. After they had completed our simple questionnaire we offered DVDs, booklets and the New Testament. One of the men immediately smiled and told his friend, "I've always wanted to read the NT, I understand it's ethics are similar to mine." We left them with happy hearts and lighter book bags! In another part of the park, my wife with two Malaysian sisters approached one member of a family. A small group formed around them. All wanted the New Testament. One of our co-workers came over to us to get more New Testaments and then had to go to our mobile book depot to get even more! We all left Antep convinced that the Lord had prepared these meetings in the park. To God be the glory, great things He has done."

  • Under the shadow of the mosque

    Thumbnail photo from Gaziantep

    “Our concert in Gaziantep was in a closed amphitheatre under the shadow of a huge mosque. It was looming over us and perfectly illustrated the... more

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