Eskişehir is the main stop on the train line between İstanbul and Ankara. Two universities mean plenty of students from all over Turkey. It has a church in a building and another house fellowship but numbers are low. Help bring them in.

Football fanatics meet Jesus fanatics

Photo from Eskişehir

During a prayer walk around the centre of the city one late Sunday afternoon, the team leader came across lots of football supporters. She stopped two guys and a girl and learned that the home team Eskişehir Spor would be playing Galatasaray, a huge Istanbul club that very night. She gave them tracts and then had the idea that the guys of the team could give tracts after the match. They had just the right tract with them too – ‘Beware of the religious fanatics’. How would these football fanatics react to that? A couple of hours later, the guys were just outside the stadium. Within a matter of 15-20 minutes hundreds of tracts had been distributed! The quickest tracting they had ever done! People were more than happy to receive a tract and once they ran out, DVDs and booklets were also given away. Praise the Lord for the seeds sown and pray that many will look at the website on the tract and find out more about Jesus.

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