Eskişehir is the main stop on the train line between İstanbul and Ankara. Two universities mean plenty of students from all over Turkey. It has a church in a building and another house fellowship but numbers are low. Help bring them in.

Truth through the creative arts

Photo from Eskişehir
Playing for students by the Porsuk river

A creative arts team brought their play, 'The Gardener', (Bahçıvan in Turkish), to Eskişehir. It tells the story of a master gardener (on stilts) creating a beautiful garden – and what happens after his two apprentices don't follow all his instructions. At the end, the Gardener removes his stilts and enters their world to restore relationships and give them back the key to the garden. The puppet narrator of the show then explains how Jesus is the only key to the garden of life. Eskişehir is filled with university students who are searching for answers. We knew it was significant that we were there sharing this message with this particular audience; these students are the future of Turkey. What if they realized the truth of the gospel? Local church folks helped us with permissions from the authorities, and we performed three times in the middle of town. The reaction during and after the show was very positive, with great conversations and surveys filled out for more info. We really pray that these students would continue searching and that any seeds planted would start to grow.