Erzurum is another religiously conservative province, though the university is large and modern. There have been several believers here but no church. Two major earthquakes have caused much damage. It needs to be built up with the truth.

Sharing grace

Photo from Erzurum

The team in Erzurum was able to visit 6 different cities in the province for outreach! They were able to give out a significant amount of literature, to pray for people for healing and to share the gospel with so many. In one city, they stopped to ask for directions and the man who gave them also invited them to his home, spreading a feast before them! They were able to clearly share the gospel with him and prayed for him to find peace and joy in Jesus. Pray he would read the literature they left with him. The team's love of hot drinks also gave them good contacts! :) Drinking çay one day, they met a man named İsa (Jesus!) who managed a nearby restaurant. They decided to have a meal there and were able to share the Scriptures with İsa for several hours, concentrating on the difference between works and grace. They were able to leave him with an İncil and pray for him.

  • Pioneer work

    Thumbnail photo from Erzurum

    One of their contacts suggested to the team that they visit an old church. Asking directions to the old church led to an invitation for more çay! ... more

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