Erzurum is another religiously conservative province, though the university is large and modern. There have been several believers here but no church. Two major earthquakes have caused much damage. It needs to be built up with the truth.

Effective apologetics

Photo from Erzurum

We were singing in the park and soon a group of people gathered around us including one person who had memorized the Koran. We were able to talk with him for about 4 hours. In the beginning of the conversation, he didn’t believe that the New Testament was true, but believed that it has been changed from the original. But by the end of the conversation, he believed that it has not been changed and he accepted the New Testament we gave him to read.

  • The power of worship

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    I was playing my guitar out in the garden and a fellow came over to talk with us. Then he invited his friends who were next door to join us. They... more

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