Erzurum is another religiously conservative province, though the university is large and modern. There have been several believers here but no church. Two major earthquakes have caused much damage. It needs to be built up with the truth.

Sowing amongst students

Photo from Erzurum

A team comprising people from four different nations spent a week in Erzurum, a conservative city in North Eastern Turkey. The team had a wonderful opportunity to visit the local Ataturk University, where they spent time in the classrooms enjoying conversation with the students and afterwards were treated to a delicious lunch with the university professors. They were able to leave each professor with a Turkish Bible as well as a copy of the Jesus film. The team also enjoyed the privilege of spending a morning at a high school in the city. They were warmly welcomed by the headmaster and enjoyed quality time teaching practical English to the teenage students, before enjoying tea and conversation with the teachers. Again, they were able to present each teacher with a Turkish Bible and a Jesus film. Our prayer is that God would take the seed that was sown to produce a harvest for His glory in Erzurum.