Erzincan is an ancient city, the site of many battles throughout history. Sadly, it has suffered terribly from earthquakes. There have been a few believers in the past but no church. Spiritual shaking needed!

Broad sowing on thirsty ground

Photo from Erzincan

This province has so little outreach that it felt right to blitz the streets with "you are special" cards. When the team was almost out of cards, authorities approached two of the girls, asking to see the card. After asking them many questions but assuring the girls what they were doing is legal, one man asked a personal question regarding the Barnabas Gospel. The girls used the question to explain the truth of the good news in God's Word. When they curiously asked to see a New Testament, they made the man promise to read it before they would give it to him which he did! Pray for hearts in the city's leaders to be softened towards God. God is so good to give opportunities. At breakfast the team discovered that their friendly server's name was the same as their Saviour's. One of the guys capitalized on this great opportunity to share what the Saviour has done for him. Pray he would come to a knowledge of the truth.