Erzincan is an ancient city, the site of many battles throughout history. Sadly, it has suffered terribly from earthquakes. There have been a few believers in the past but no church. Spiritual shaking needed!

Two friends

Mary and Joy asked God for open hearts. "We met two friends(H and C) who were curious what we were doing in their city. They were best friends who spend most of their time together. H wants to get married, but C said that because they are best friends and love each other she is very jealous for H. "You are jealous for the people you truly love," she said. When we pulled out our New Testament to show them 1 Cor 13, they gasped! "We have NEVER seen a NT before!" They curiously read the verses, agreed with them but claimed the Book had been changed. "C, what if we told you we saw H yesterday stealing from a store. What would you think?" "I wouldn't believe you! You would have to prove it." "Exactly!" We answered, "to say that God Almighty's Words have been changed is a big and serious claim. You can't just say that, if you do, you had better be ready to prove it." All the while, H was getting more and more curious. When we asked her if she would like to take the Book to read, she received it with joy! Pray for her and her friend to open their hearts to Jesus knocking.

  • Spiritual shaking!

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    A praying group of intrepid women saw a vision of a city, seeing it shake with a spiritual shaking! When they searched and found out it was... more

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