Elazığ is the first province on the east side of the Euphrates and very conservative. Believers from here have sometimes met with tragic ends. Please, let's not give up on Elazığ!

Needing God's rain

Photo from Elazığ

"We went to Elazığ on a cold, wet day during the sacrifice holiday. H sat reading his Bible in Turkish in the center of town. A guy sitting near him asked about the book he was reading. H told him it was the Bible in Turkish and then got to explain the good news that Jesus is the last sacrifice and share how Jesus has changed his life. The man thought that our beliefs are the same but H told him that they are different. The man had seen the movie 'The Passion of the Christ.' H gave the man a New Testament and they exchanged numbers. Please pray that he would read it and call H to ask about what He is reading. While H was talking with the man R walked down a street handing out a special leaflet about sacrifice. H later joined him and before leaving they continued handing out leaflets." Ask God to water the seeds sown in Elazığ.