Elazığ is the first province on the east side of the Euphrates and very conservative. Believers from here have sometimes met with tragic ends. Please, let's not give up on Elazığ!

Henna storying

Photo from Elazığ

A team of local and foreign women trained 29 ladies here in Elazığ on how to use henna to tell Bible stories and share the gospel. People can't walk away while you're painting a henna picture on their hand! :) Curious onlookers stopped by and one lady named Star was very open and asked for a New Testament. One girl had only been a believer for one month so the team was able to be an encouragement to her and to help her with her doubts and questions. The next day, the team went into the city to do more henna storying, joined by one of the believers who had just been trained. Some local girls offered to take them to the castle and while they were there, they were able to do the henna stories for 3 families who speak a different dialect. The team leader had been trying for weeks to get SD cards in this dialect and had only received them that morning. The families were shocked to receive them, saying they only visit the castle once a year and it just happened to be that day! One girl, when she saw her language on the card, teared up. They were able to share the gospel with her.