Elazığ is the first province on the east side of the Euphrates and very conservative. Believers from here have sometimes met with tragic ends. Please, let's not give up on Elazığ!

Harput, an ancient city

Photo from Elazığ

A focus of Elazığ province is Harput, an ancient Armenian city. In the late 19th century, it was a bustling Christian city with theological schools and dozens of churches. Today, it is mainly a ruin with no known believers and even the Muslim population moving away for better economic prospects. While there, *Damien did a sketch board-preaching for the many families having picnnics. A small crowd gathered. The police came who were not happy but they promised to protect the team, who had some good conversations. *Michelle, Celina and Jon OK stayed in Harput after lunch and walked around praying over the city. Met at first a group of Kurdish women they shared with, later a group of very conservative women. They tried to convert the team girls, Michelle got to share the gospel even though she felt challenged due to limited Turkish. But then Michelle showed them John 1 from her Turkish Bible and the ladies kept it as a present. Pray for a living church in Elazığ!

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