Edirne is fertile and fruitful, famous for its wrestling competitions. Gypsies and immigrants from the Balkans add to the population. There are some believers but no real church has ever formed. Come, believe for a church here.

A surprise park stop

Photo from Edirne

The troubadours travelled from Edirne to Keşan, also in Edirne province, for two reasons. One, because one of the guys felt God was impressing on him for us to go to Keşan and two, because we ended up on the wrong road! :-) We decided to eat our lunch in the park, where we befriended a group of young musicians and slowly began to meet other couples and families in the park. We were then encouraged to do our show by our new friends. A crowd of over 300 people quickly formed. The revelation of Jesus as the ‘son kurban’ (last sacrifice) then brought some indignant shouting by a few staunch Muslims that was an unfortunate way to end that time as some of our new friends also shouted back in our defense. But as I was loading things into the car, I heard two people pass by asking ‘did they really say that Jesus was the last sacrifice?’ which felt a bit like being on the road to Emmaus! We met again the next day with the two most interested contacts, one now being close to faith. Please pray Murray into the kingdom!

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