Edirne is fertile and fruitful, famous for its wrestling competitions. Gypsies and immigrants from the Balkans add to the population. There are some believers but no real church has ever formed. Come, believe for a church here.

Asking for physical and spiritual birth

Photo from Edirne
Edirne - Physical birth - Spiritual birth

The team had the opportunity to pray for a woman and her husband who worked at the hotel where they were staying. They were happy to accept prayer in Jesus' name! They especially wanted prayer for them to be able to start a family. So the whole team prayed over them, giving them prophetic words as well. It was a beautiful and moving time! The next day, the wife confessed to one of the team that she felt so different when the team prayed. She and her husband have been married for six years and she is currently getting treatment from a doctor. One of the team leaders felt from the Lord that He will answer her prayer but she didn't want to give her hope so she prayed that it would be in the Lord's time. Pray that this couple would conceive and that they would know it was a direct result of prayer to Jesus - and may they follow Him.

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