Edirne is fertile and fruitful, famous for its wrestling competitions. Gypsies and immigrants from the Balkans add to the population. There are some believers but no real church has ever formed. Come, believe for a church here.

Edirne - a tough nut to crack

Photo from Edirne

A team from Asia took on the challenge of going to Edirne, which has always been a challenge. They met friendly people on their arrival and then divided into two teams to prayer walk. They felt from the Lord that they were supposed to worship in public but didn't at first find a place that was appropriate. So at first they went from shop to shop, giving out literature but also 'gospel bracelets' with the five coloured beads of the wordless book. The women that received them were happy to hear the gospel message. The team went to the university area, hoping to interact with students, but it was deserted. At least the staff at the hotel and restaurants where they ate were able to receive good literature! Finally at the bus station before leaving, the team realised that the bus station was a great venue to do worship evangelism! Their singing drew a small crowd and they were able to pray for one of the ladies in the crowd. They were also able to distribute a few more gospel bracelets. Edirne is a tough nut to crack - but not for God! Please God for God to reveal Himself.