Düzce became Turkey’s newest province after the earthquake of November 1999. Believing relief workers here meant there was some spiritual fruit but the believers have scattered. The area continues to be one of economic hardship.

Two by two

Photo from Düzce

A very international group visited Düzce for two days of outreach. They went out two by two and found that people seemed to have a spiritual hunger. Ned and Seong Min prayed around the city and met an old man who had been in the hospital recently. They prayed for him and told him how Jesus is the ultimate healer. He was very open and agreeable about faith so they gave him some literature. Nathan and Bob sat in the courtyard of a mosque where they began to talk to a man about the Lord. He accepted a Turkish New Testament. He said that he had heard a passage in Matthew spoken of on a radio station, which made him interested in learning more about the Bible. Amazing contact! Mary and Brianna started talking to a woman in the park. She was very committed to Islam but they were able to pray for her. Then they met two girls who were very open to the Gospel (one even owned a New Testament). Going back to their home, Mary shared the Gospel and had a passionate discussion with one of the women (who is very religious), but they left friends and were able to give them a Magdalena DVD.