Düzce became Turkey’s newest province after the earthquake of November 1999. Believing relief workers here meant there was some spiritual fruit but the believers have scattered. The area continues to be one of economic hardship.

Kindness from strangers

Photo from Düzce

A South African team travelled several different provinces of Turkey, keen to leave packets of New Testaments and Christian DVDs in the places they went. Travelling during Ramazan was not easy when in small towns no restaurants were open in the day and it was hard to get food. Turcan, a lady they met on the way to Akçakoca in Düzce province, was like an angel for them, helping them find what they needed and transport as well. When they ended up in Düzce and were able to give out ten New Testaments and 21 Jesus films, they felt as if the Spirit of God came upon them with the knowledge that He was watering all the seeds they had been sowing in different provinces for two weeks. When they ate a late dinner after the breaking of the fast, they marveled at the peace they felt, knowing God was in control and doing more than they could ask or think.