Diyarbakır is the only province in eastern Turkey with Evangelicals meeting in a public church building. They do active outreach in a city where there is often disunity and violence. Diyarbakir has the potential to transform the East!

Sowing seeds

Photo from Diyarbakır

An international team visited Diyarbakır, both to encourage the believers but also to see seeds sown around the city. Through casual interactions and conversations, New Testaments and various Christian videos were distributed. Some of the men had a deeper interaction when a man working at the local café posed some questions. This resulted in one of the brothers clearly presenting the gospel while a crowd of onlookers listened in. Thank God for the opportunity to sow amongst those who have never heard. Ask God to water each seed.

  • Living stones

    Thumbnail photo from Diyarbakır

    There is no better outreach happening in Diyarbakır than the witness of the local believers as they interact with the people who are curious to see... more

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