Denizli is the home of the historic church of Laodicea. Many people have requested Bible correspondence courses from here but few continue on and a fellowship has met only sporadically. Come strengthen the arms that are feeble.

Finnish musicians on the road

Photo from Denizli

A group of young musicians from Finnland traveled around Turkey for a week playing music on the streets. Concentrating on Denizli for a few days, the first night the group played for a couple of hours. About one hundred people gathered and were very interested. The group gave out cards sharing God’s love. The second night the group went to a different, less crowded place. One of the girls had a good conversation about faith with two students. The girls didn’t seem very religious, but upon asking claimed to be good Muslims. After a talk about Jesus and the meaning of His life the team member could give a girl a Gospel of John. Leaving Denizli, one of the girls sat next to a local lady on the train. They talked for three hours! The team member got to share the whole Gospel with her and gave her a Bible. It was a divine appointment by God, as the film "The Passion of the Christ" had touched the lady several years ago. Please pray that she would come to fully know Jesus.