Denizli is the home of the historic church of Laodicea. Many people have requested Bible correspondence courses from here but few continue on and a fellowship has met only sporadically. Come strengthen the arms that are feeble.

Back on the farm

Photo from Denizli

While some teams attract large crowds like our creative arts teams, other meet people in ones and twos. A South African team who had been to Denizli before decided they wanted to spend time in the village. There, they were able to share and enjoyed the hospitality of the villagers. In the city of Denizli, they were able to distribute 74 Bibles and 78 Jesus films! What a blessing that in Denizli this year there was vocal, visual and written proclamation!

  • Going for the crowds!

    Thumbnail photo from Denizli

    A traveling creative arts team including an illusionist and a unicyclist were headlined at one of the more popular malls in Denizli. After... more

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