Çorum is an agricultural town and the chickpea centre of Turkey. It also has many ancient Hittite sites which are worth visiting. Though a few people have come to faith it lacks the living Body of Christ here. Come and sow.

Dry land

Photo from Çorum
Çorum - Dry Land

Çorum has seemed a tough place to the team there, with not many in-depth spiritual conversations. The girls were surprised to find an all-female staff at a large cell phone store, so they gifted them all with "You are special!" brochures. Two of the guys left Çorum abruptly when one of their contacts from another city invited them to ride with him in his car back to Samsun. They decided the time to build a deeper friendship was important so they went with him. He would occasionally ask a Christian about God and the Scriptures. One of the girls was returning a bit early to Istanbul. While she was at the bus station, she chatted with one woman and was able to give her a book. Amazingly, it turned out they both live in Istanbul and she wants to get together when they are both back. Ask God stir up seeking in Çorum. Pray annointing on each piece of literature, that it would be read and meditated on.