Çorum is an agricultural town and the chickpea centre of Turkey. It also has many ancient Hittite sites which are worth visiting. Though a few people have come to faith it lacks the living Body of Christ here. Come and sow.

Great openness

Photo from Çorum

A visiting international team visited İskilip in Çorum province. There, they met a friendly Turkish family who invited them all for dinner. They had a great evening with them and the family invited the team to their children's programme at the school the next day. It didn't take long before the children came up to them, asking for pictures and asking lots of questions. After a while a teacher came up whom they were able to speak to with the help of Google Translate. They found out that he was the religion teacher of the school. When the team told him that they were Christians, he excused himself and returned to gift them with a Koran. To thank him, they gave him a New Testament and he received it. The religion teacher wanted to know how the western world thought about Muslims and what were actually the differences between Islam and Christianity? They were able to preach the gospel to the whole crowd with the English teacher translating for them. Pray that the Holy Spirit would water these wonderful seeds of truth!

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    An international team visited Çorum, doing a day of prayer walking and then going out to share with people. They heard someone call out to them,... more

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