Çorum is an agricultural town and the chickpea centre of Turkey. It also has many ancient Hittite sites which are worth visiting. Though a few people have come to faith it lacks the living Body of Christ here. Come and sow.

Yellow galoshes and an uncle

"After a quick lunch, we split into two teams and walked around with the intent of finding people to talk to and share the good news with. I had received two clues for a 'treasure hunt' - yellow galloshes and the face of an old uncle. My group soon stumbled upon some shoe stores, and one or two of them, to my surprise, had yellow galloshes out in front. I looked inside one of these little shoe stands and to my surprise I saw the same uncle whose face I had seen while praying! Yellow galloshes...uncle's face...we found our treasure! We struck up a conversation with him, found him to be very warm and friendly, and soon steered the conversation towards spiritual topics. Although he was warm and friendly and willing to talk spiritual things, he didn't seem too open or interested in talking about it for too long. But later on in the day, we went back and thanked him for his hospitality by giving him a "Düşten Öte" video which he said he would give to his grandkids to watch. Who knows...maybe the whole set-up was for his grandkids!"

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