Close proximity to Ankara gives Çankırı good economic opportunities but its proximity also means it has few visitors. There has been some spiritual interest in the past but no has church has emerged. Come and water seeds previously sown.

Hard, hard ground

Photo from Çankırı

A small international team struggled with the spiritual atmosphere of Çankırı. The members of the group felt depression, and unusual confusion amongst them. Their day of prayer was difficult and as they tried to share with people, everyone seemed closed off and suspicious. This was also the experience of the group that visited Çankırı during the last 1881 outreach. They did write one encouraging story: "Our group set out to find a meal for dinner and God brought us to a pide restaurant in the local mall. The employees at the restaurant were very interested in what we were doing in their town. We were able to share about how God called us to Turkey and how we love talking with locals and sharing about our love for Jesus. The two employees were quite shocked that followers of Jesus would be visiting their town and began asking questions. Unfortunately, the restaurant started to get busy and they had to get back to work but we were able to clear some things up about Christianity and we were able to exchange contact info to continue our conversation at a later time."