Çanakkale is the home of both historic Troy as well as Gallipolli, site of the famous battle of World War I. A church has been established there since 2013 and is growing and active.

God leads to Lapseki

Photo from Çanakkale

"We, the group with the Abraham play, were disembarking the ferry on our way to Çanakkale when we saw the wide pavement along the sea and wondered if God could bring a crowd out of nothing - İbo Ex Nihilo! So we set up in front of just two people occupying different benches. Sure enough, our opening swing dance and music started bringing people, but much less than we expected, probably only between 25 and 30. But as Adrienne approached the woman who had been sitting on one of the benches, she noticed she was crying. Tina poured out our heart and her story of a damaged life, suicide attempts and much despair. Adrienne was able to share the gospel completely leading Tina to declare that "God sent you here just for me!" She is very close to faith - please do pray for her! Pray as well for other opportunities in this town. A member of the municipality staff stopped to invite us to perform in their Cherry Festival!İ