Çanakkale is the home of both historic Troy as well as Gallipolli, site of the famous battle of World War I. A church has been established there since 2013 and is growing and active.

The heat makes you creative

Photo from Çanakkale
Agape tattoo

The team in Çanakkale - having trouble finding people out in the heat of the day - decided to be creative. Melek went to the hair salon so she could share with the hairdresser. And Bonnie decided to get a tattoo! She got the word 'agape' tattooed on the back of her leg. She asked the tattoo artist if he knew what it meant and when he didn't, she was able to explain to him about God's love. He had some beliefs that were a mixture of new age and Islam but insisted he loved Jesus. Bonnie said that since he had given her a great gift of his art, she needed to give him a gift too. She was able to leave him with books and a Jesus film, explaining who Jesus was and why he came. Bonnie then went off to the tailor to get some trousers she had bought hemmed up and had a lovely time with a group of sisters who worked there. In the end, they refused payment for their work, so Bonnie said she had to give them a gift as well! She was able to give them New Testaments, Jesus films and a card made for women called "You are Special." They shared phone numbers, pray for a fruitful friendship!