Çanakkale is the home of both historic Troy as well as Gallipolli, site of the famous battle of World War I. A church has been established there since 2013 and is growing and active.

Crowds in Çanakkale!

Photo from Çanakkale
Big crowds in Çanakkale

A group called No Longer Music that perform a musical drama that explains the Gospel travelled to Çanakkale. More than 1500 people attended their two concerts. There was much interest and 163 people filled out surveys for more information. 65 of them wanted to talk with a believer about Jesus face to face! Each of them received a DVD called "More Than Dreams" which are five testimonies of Muslims who have found Jesus through a dream or vision. Best of all was that the believers from the small Turkish church attended to help and share. They will do the follow up of the interested ones. It was a bit like the book of Acts - as the team shared after the performance, believers from Iran, Afghanistan, France and even Nigeria came forward in excitement, thrilled to have discovered the event! The Lord is working in Çanakkale - please pray!