Bursa is an old historical city that is religiously conservative. Despite that, there is an international church, a growing Turkish church and ministry amongst students and different minorities. Who will reap the openness in Bursa?

Cycling against violence

Photo from Bursa
Dustin Kelm

UniShow with world champion unicyclist Dustin Kelm is a unique performance built around many types of unicycles and the wide variety of skills that can be performed on them. The purpose and goal of the UniShow is to impact every audience with a message that will motivate, challenge and inspire. Our first stop once we hit the road was Bursa where we did two shows just outside a large mall. We have performed here before and have always had big crowds. Each show drew between 1,500 and 2,000 people. This year the sharing and dramas reflected the theme of raising awareness about violence against women. We have found many open doors for performances when we are able to address a social issue and weave in the truth of God's love. The truth is God loves women and greatly values them! It's been neat to share hope with so many that truly need their eyes open and tell them God sees their hurt and is there with them.