Burdur has abundant lakes. It is a traditional society where change is slow to happen. There are no known believers. Paul insists that all from this region heard the word of the Lord but this has been forgotten in the last 1900 years.

Prepared hearts

Photo from Burdur

Realising how close Burdur was to their home in Fethiye, two believers grabbed a bunch of literature, jumped on a motorcycle and roared off to see the Good News shared in Burdur. They stopped for lunch in a small town and began to sort their literature as they waited for their lunch. First one waiter came by and helped himself to a tract. Then an older, serious guy came out and also took one. Thinking they might be asked to leave soon because of "propaganda", they also handed him a Gospel of Luke and a Jesus DVD. He broke out in a huge smile and sat down at a nearby table to read. He was joined by the waiter who also received the same gift. Then the guy from the store next door came to get a copy and sat down next to the others. All three immersed themselves in reading the whole time we were there. What a hunger! Everywhere we distributed this literature, appreciation was expressed and keen interest shown. Now we pray that God would water His word by His Spirit. We are encouraged by the fact the word of God "does not return void but accomplished that for which it is purposed."