Burdur has abundant lakes. It is a traditional society where change is slow to happen. There are no known believers. Paul insists that all from this region heard the word of the Lord but this has been forgotten in the last 1900 years.

Downloaded the Bible onto his phone!

An Iranian and I walked past a cafe and the ladies outside were eager to chat with us. We shared that we have made peace with God through Jesus, and because of this we had come to their province to pray a blessing over the people and to ask God to make himself open to them. Although they invited us in to drink tea we declined because they were fasting, but promised to return after they broke the fast. We went back hoping to share with them but they were busy so we couldn't share more. We returned the following night but again they were busy. However, one of the ladies son's chatted with us and so we could share the gospel with him and shared a testimony too. We answered many of his questions about our faith, he downloaded the Bible on his phone, and we had a great conversation. Pray he continues reading and shares with others.

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