Burdur has abundant lakes. It is a traditional society where change is slow to happen. There are no known believers. Paul insists that all from this region heard the word of the Lord but this has been forgotten in the last 1900 years.

Careful sowing

Photo from Burdur

Two believers from the İzmir area traveled to Burdur to visit a woman from their fellowship who was studying there. All three of them were excited to take a day to pray and worship over this province with no fellowship and then go out to see whom God would have them meet. When they were having lunch and deciding what Christian film to give to the waiter, a policeman approached them. He was there to be involved with foreigners so was interested to meet some. This took some time and they didn't feel peace about giving out any 'gifts' then in the restaurant. But as they visited various shops and eateries throughout the rest of the day, they were able to give various films, tracts and a booklet on God's love to people who were very surprised to receive them. A steady stream of men have been writing to the Bible Correspondence Course over this last year but we prayed as the girls went out that women would start writing in. The very first woman just signed up for the BCC! Please pray for God to gather a group of people who love Him in this province.