Bolu is a beautiful, forested area that produces the best chefs in Turkey. It is conveniently on the road between Istanbul and Ankara. Once its independent people fall in love with Jesus, we believe the church in Bolu will be glorious!

Marked by love

Photo from Bolu

The team was praying and asking God to lead them to people who were open to Him when they saw a young man pushing a wheelchair. `When we caught up with them at a park bench, we decided to ask if we could pray for the woman. We soon realised they were not locals but were refugees and one of the team mates, being a native Arabic speaker, was able to translate for them. The woman eagerly accepted the offer of prayer, stretching one arm to heaven as we prayed. When Raisa began to pray in Arabic, tears began to stream down this woman's face. A few days later, this woman called Raisa and expressed how touched she was to have met us. "I am amazed by the love that I saw in you all," she said. "I've never known such a love. That loved has changed me. I used to be depressed and hopeless, but now I have hope." Even her son was shocked by how much his mother had changed in the days following this encounter. "I used to not be able to move my hands," she said, "but after you prayed for me I could move my hands again!" Praise Him for encountering this family with His love and healing!

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    The team in Bolu writes: "A friend and I met two retired Turkish ladies at a restaurant. Over the course of a lively conversation, while nearby... more

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