Bolu is a beautiful, forested area that produces the best chefs in Turkey. It is conveniently on the road between Istanbul and Ankara. Once its independent people fall in love with Jesus, we believe the church in Bolu will be glorious!

A shopgirl's search

Photo from Bolu

Sharing from shop to shop, we had a particularly good time in a textile shop as my daughters looked for material to make dresses. We had a great time talking with the girls working there and one of the girls mentioned how much she wanted to read a New Testamentç We were able to leave Jesus DVDs and New Testaments with each of them. A recently graduated mathematics teacher who was a browsing customer, also joined in the conversation and eagerly received a New Testament as well! All together we found the people of Bolu to be very friendly, helpful, generous and genuinely pleased to receive Scriptures and videos. – The ground seems to be all prepared for serious Church planting.

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    한 가족이 (2명의 어른과 5명의 아이들)이 하루 동안 볼루 지방 중심지에서 무엇을 할 수 있을지 생각해 본다, 예수님은 하나님의 하루가 우리의 천일과 같다는 것을 상기 시켰다. 이 도시는 사람들이 앉을 만한 중앙 공원이 없는 것 같아서, 우리는 '쇼핑 전도!'로... more

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