Bolu is a beautiful, forested area that produces the best chefs in Turkey. It is conveniently on the road between Istanbul and Ankara. Once its independent people fall in love with Jesus, we believe the church in Bolu will be glorious!

A walk in the Park!

Photo from Bolu

One day in the city we approached three students who were sitting in a park. They asked us if we were Christians and we said yes. They started to ask many questions - as the Bible been changed etc and we answered them. One student then said they also wanted to become a Christian too so we talked more and gave her a Bible. We are now in contact with her. We also gave out other pieces of literature as we met with people there and prayed a lot for the city. A few of the team met a bookstore owner, 'H' and gave a booklet to him which resulted in a long discussion about the son of Abraham. One of the team had a vision that he shared with a man when they were shopping. He found it hard to accept the vision initially but listened and was encouraged to have an open heart to God for visions and dreams. The team made several contacts that they are going to follow up with afterwards.