Bolu is a beautiful, forested area that produces the best chefs in Turkey. It is conveniently on the road between Istanbul and Ankara. Once its independent people fall in love with Jesus, we believe the church in Bolu will be glorious!

Some shouted one thing and some another..

Photo from Bolu

The creative arts team went to a park in a forested area of Bolu. There, they started singing in Turkish, including some worship songs. People began to gather, some even singing along. When a small crowd formed, they asked security if they could do their show and their response was, “Sure!” By the time the show was set up, there was a crowd of at least 75 people. The first two parables of Jesus had them all intent but when the third story started, a man started shouting about Christian propaganda. Others in the crowd defended the show. One or two guys yelled, “We don’t like Jesus!” while others shouted back, “But he’s our prophet too!” The security guys decided to beat a hasty retreat. The team decided to pack up rather than having the crowd turn violent and as they were leaving, several encouraged them to keep doing the show, saying it was a “good thing.” God’s ways are amazing. People may have talked a bit about a marionette show they saw in the park. But a marionette show interrupted by a shouting match – that’s something to talk about and think about for a long time.