Weep for poor Bitlis who lost almost two thirds of her population during World War I. Monasteries and churches here have almost all been destroyed. There are no known believers. God's glory needs to be proclaimed in Bitlis.

Healing the broken in Bitlis

Photo from Bitlis

Bitlis is an old city with a gorge and a river running through the town. We met a man who operates a beautiful cafe by the river. He told us the story of his brother who had been living in Holland and while there had become friends with some drug dealers. The brother came to visit his family and friends in Turkey, and just four days after his arrival, was arrested by the police. He has now been in prison for eighteen months without knowing the charge against him. The cafe owner and his family have been hiring lawyers and trying to get their brother out of jail, but so far have had no success. We prayed with the cafe owner. He was touched and encouraged and expressed a desire to follow Jesus. Join us in remembering him in prayer.

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    Thumbnail photo from Bitlis

    A team from the BCC office had the joy of traveling to Bitlis. They report: "We met a young man who had a difficult childhood and who was not... more

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